“I get fined more than these bums get paid” Mc Gregor playing the game


Conor McGregor is in the headlines again, this time for his twitter reaction to getting a fine of £121,000 and 50 hours of community service after throwing bottles at Nate Diaz in their UFC 202 press conference in August.


Most sports stars, after being caught up in an incident such as this, would have accepted their fine and released a statement apologising for their behaviour, possibly saying that it will never happen again. But McGregor isn’t your everyday sports star, he’s an entertainer. He does not care one bit about being fined. In actual fact, the news breaking about the fine is doing him a favour. Conor McGregor is now back in the spotlight and after releasing the news about a new fight coming up in New York City, the McGregor brand is now back in full flight.

That’s why he tweeted about the fine. He knows that remaining in the spotlight will only enhance his brand and make his fights an even bigger deal than they already are. This obviously benefits him in terms of endorsements and so he makes his way into the media and stays there. Had McGregor been annoyed about getting fined he would have remained under the radar for a while but he recognised an opportunity to put himself out there and he took it, again.

Conor McGregor is a man on a mission, and in his mind its him, (and his SBG teammates) against the world. By taking to his twitter account he has reminded the world that he’s the biggest name in UFC and a fine isn’t going to change how he rolls. The fact that the £121,000 fine was a mere 5% of his most recent fights purse also backs this up.

From day one, it’s been Conor Mc Gregor against the world. The ultimate rags to riches story, an apprentice plumber from Dublin that decided to give up his job and sign on to receive social welfare in order to achieve his goal of becoming a UFC champion.

Many people don’t like McGregor, they see him as arrogant and cocky and would love nothing more than to see his next opponent knock him out. But McGregor has every right to have such a swagger about him. Yes, he talks the talk, but he most certainly can walk the walk. McGregor is to the UFC now what Muhammed Ali was to boxing all those years ago.

People who don’t have any interest in MMA whatsoever could tell you who Conor McGregor is. He is a superstar.

Playing the game, and winning

What he is doing for the sport in Ireland alone is unbelievable. People who don’t have a notion about mixed martial arts are now paying extortionate prices to travel to Las Vegas to watch the notorious in action. MMA clubs are popping up everywhere around the country and kids who 5 years ago had never even heard of the UFC, want to be the next Conor McGregor. He is the national emblem for Ireland. Whenever he is fighting in America It must be a case of, will the last man to leave Ireland please turn off the lights. And how does he feel about this? He absolutely loves it, he wants more of it and that is why he remains in the spotlight. This is the life he dreamed of when he was walking to the SBG gym in Dublin with not a penny in his pocket.




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