10 Life lessons learned from sport

The biggest benefits that people tend to look at when evaluating sports participation are the health benefits, both physical and mental and the social benefits of meeting new people and socialising with others involved in the sport.

These are obviously very important benefits however, often huge benefits that are often overlooked are the life lessons that we learn from participating in a sporting environment.

The following post looks at 10 life lessons gained by athletes and how they are relevant throughout life

1. Discipline

OK, this one is obvious, but it’s also the life skill that’s most necessary. Discipline is essential to learn the skills required for any given sport. By having the discipline to put in the time and preparation to maximise performance it increases the chance to become successful. Discipline is required in life with every single task that may be accepted.

2.Overcoming Adversity

Life isn’t fair and much of it involves overcoming setbacks and other adversity. Athletes can learn how to overcome adversity and temporary failures through the many situations they face in sport, both in their preparation and during the competitions.  They can learn the mentality they need to overcome and learn from adversity they face as they strive for their goals. Learning to overcome adversity is a mental skill that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

3.Holding yourself and others accountable

In life, we all make mistakes. Same goes for sports. Athletes know that this is just part of the game. There’s room for messing up, but they know it means they must hold themselves accountable. Sport teaches athletes how to own up and move forward.

Sports also teach you how to expect better of others. If you’re giving 100 percent, those that you surround yourself with should give the same. Athletes know that if their teammates aren’t working hard they’ll fail, too. Therefore, they strive to make those around them be better.

4. Sacrifice

Sacrifices are difficult to make, but they must be made to be successful. It could be missing a great night out with friends so that you can attend a training session the next morning, or the decisions made with food throughout the week for your body to be primed for excellence. Sacrifices in everyday life are also difficult, but when you’ve developed a character that has learned the advantages that come from making sacrifices, the process of doing so is eased.

5.Trusting yourself and others

While taking, instruction requires trusting, there’s an inherent trust sports teaches athletes about putting faith in others, and in particular, teammates. As a boss, sports people will have confidence in delegating tasks to teammates/staff because they have learned the importance of trust. Athletes trust themselves because they know that when the time comes to put in hard work they are capable. Like in life, they learn to trust their skills and not to doubt themselves. Even when things get tough, they know they’re strong enough to make it through.

6.Pushing your body’s limits

Sports are physical and mentally tough and so athletes need to have their bodies in the right shape to excel in their sport. They know what is necessary to get the most out of themselves and don’t hesitate to push themselves to that stage. The world needs more of that, when times are tough in work or college and they may be struggling, an athlete will know that they can take it to another level and perform whatever is needed.

7.Always having the urge to accomplish goals

Whether its winning or beating your own records, achieving goals is what motivates athletes. Goals are crucial in business and the work place. Goals are the key to success and moving forward. Athletes will do everything in their power to attain their goals in any walk of life.

8.Hard work does yield results

A no-brainer for athletes, but they know that time, energy and enthusiasm does equal success. They have put in the hard work on the training field and in the gym and know that they will be rewarded if they are working harder than everyone else. When things aren’t going to plan in life, the only thing that will turn it around is hard work, to which athletes are no strangers

9.How to be a leader

In sport and life everyone needs a leader to set an example and to provide guidance. Athletes are well adapted to being leaders, especially those who are fortunate enough to captain teams that they are a part of.

10.How to lose with dignity and win with class

Anyone involved in sport will have at some stage lost and will also have won. From these successes and failures, they will have learned the vital life lessons of how to conduct themselves properly. With dignity in defeat and with class after a success.


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