How Sport Can Get The Better Of Us


Grown men trying to fight each other over the team they support is insane. Isn’t it?

When I seen the images of what unfolded at the recent West Ham United and Chelsea game, it got me thinking of the different emotions that sports bring out in us. It doesn’t matter how big or small, old or young we are, sport brings out something different in us.  Its hard to explain why this happens, but sport effects people in different ways. Below are just some of the different emotions and feelings that athletes will feel when they are performing.


Irelands hero Robbie Brady celebrates his goal against Italy in Euro 2016 that advanced Ireland to the next stages.


An inconsolable Celtic fan sits alone in Celtic Park, long after the final whistle of a champions league defeat.


Italian players roar the Italian National anthem before a world cup qualifier against Spain. (Photo credit, Getty Images)


Roy Keane and his fellow Man United team mates let a referee know they aren’t happy with his decision.


The look of shear determination on Michael Phelps face as he competes in the pool at the Rio Olympics.


Le Bron James cries with joy after winning a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. (photo credit, Getty Images)


Johnathon Brownlee needed the help of his Brother to get him over the finish line of a triathlon in Australia as his body had completely given up on him.


Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor shake hands in a show of respect after a brutal encounter in the octagon, where both fighters were pushed to the limit. (Photo credit, Getty Images)


All the hard work paid off for Dublin as they won the 2016 All-Ireland Final.

We can see that athletes experience different emotions throughout their careers. They push their bodies through intolerable pain barriers, be it in training or competition. They become annoyed with anyone who gets in the way of them winning and they respect their opponent for challenging them to be their best. All of this happens so they avoid the horrible feelings associated with losing games and disappointing those involved around them. Athletes push themselves through all of these experiences striving for the fulfillment and accomplishment of being the best they can possibly be.


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