About Me

Welcome to Sports Life

What to tell you about me? Well, my name would probably be a good start. So my name is Ruairi. Im from Ireland, and have recently decided to study a masters degree in digital marketing. This is following on from an undergraduate degree in marketing so it was a natural progression really for someone who couldn’t be bothered facing the reality that its about time I went and got a job.

One thing that’s for sure is that blogging is entirely new to me, but as part of my university course I have been tasked with writing a blog for a while. ┬áSo I sat down one evening where I had planned to take some time on brainstorming ideas for a good blog. And approximately 10 minutes later I had made my decision my blog would have to be about Sport. The only thing I really know about.

So I’m hoping to create a page where sports fans can come to get a bit of entertainment and information on the latest news and stories circulating the sporting world.

Thanks for visiting the page this far.